Foreign Ministry Spokesperson M.Zakharova on Russia-Japan relations

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson M.Zakharova replied to a media question regarding Russia-Japan relations at briefing Feb.9 in Moscow.

Question: The Japanese media are discussing the possibility that Russia could turn over the disputed territories, including the South Kuril Islands, to Japan on a temporary basis. Can you comment on this?

M.Zakharova: I would like to say that experts in our countries are working on the peace treaty and all other related issues. I do not believe that this issue, considering its sensitive nature, in particular for Japan, should be discussed in the media even hypothetically. There are experts in both countries who are working on this issue on instructions from our countries’ leaders. We have a highly positive view on this work. We believe it is very good and timely that it has resumed. There was a long pause through no fault of ours. We view the resumption of this work as a constructive achievement and hope that it will bring good results. I will update you on these consultations after I make the necessary inquiries.