Comment by the Information and Press Department on the situation surrounding Alexey Navalny

 We have taken note of the controversy arising at the instigation of Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and, perhaps, Washington, as the main “keeper” of Euro-Atlantic “solidarity,” the controversy over the requests by the Russian Prosecutor General's Office and the Foreign Ministry regarding the findings about the alleged poisoning of Alexey Navalny with an agent from the Novichok group, which were made by the OPCW-certified laboratories in Germany, France and Sweden.

 We get a negative impression from the Federal Republic of Germany’s refusal to assist the Russian law enforcement bodies and its secret transfer of Navalny's biomaterials to its trusted partners. Clearly, this was done for political reasons so that Paris and Stockholm could automatically confirm Berlin's unfounded accusations against Russia.

 Today, it is hard not to recall the events of 2018 when Sweden, at the high point of a drawn-out hysteria in the West concerning the Skripal case, assured us that the research lab at the Defence Research Agency in the Swedish town of Umea, which has now allegedly confirmed Mr Navalny’s poisoning, did not have and could not have any Novichok samples. In fact, as it turned out, the Swedish specialists were competent enough to determine “with 100 percent accuracy” the presence of this toxic agent in the Russian blogger’s biomaterials. Asa Scott, a representative of this institute, told Spiegel that they can “unequivocally confirm that Mr Navalny's samples contained a neurotoxin from the Novichok group. Neurotoxins from the Novichok group are highly toxic. One drop can kill.”

 Importantly, throughout the past week, the OPCW Technical Secretariat’s official representatives shrugged their shoulders in response to our questions saying the OPCW was in no way involved in this Navalny affair. Meanwhile, the Franco-Anglo-Saxon functionaries who dominate the Technical Secretariat carried out an entire covert “operation” to collect additional biomaterial from Navalny, which was submitted for analysis to two more designated OPCW laboratories. We will not be surprised if these end up being the Swiss Spiez and British Porton Down laboratories which featured prominently in the Skripal case.

 Regrettably, we have to state that the Western countries have crossed all the lines and turned the once authoritative OPCW into a dirty tool for pursuing their destructive designs.