About Russian Visas

       To enter the Russian Federation legally a foreign citizen must acquire a Russian visa beforehand, unless otherwise provided by an international agreement.

You can find the information on visa regime between Russia and your country under the following link.

The Consular section charges a state duty and other fees that are set by the legislation of the Russian Federation for visa issue and visa transfer to a new passport.

When picking up a visa the applicant should check the correctness of the visa information and if necessary return the visa for the correction of any mistakes immediately.

About Visa Categories

Depending on the purpose of a foreign citizen's visit and stay in Russia different types of visas are issued: common (tourist, business, humanitarian, private, work, study), transit visa and visa for temporary residence.

About the number of entries granted by the visa

A single visa gives a foreigner the right to cross the Russian Federation national border once when entering and once when living the Russian territory.

A double entry visa gives a foreigner the right to cross the Russian Federation national boarder twice when entering and twice when living the Russian territory.

A multiple entry visa gives the right for a multiple (more than twice) entry to the Russian Federation. The Consular section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation reserves the right to refuse the visa issue if there are serious grounds for it. In case the visa issue has been refused the charged fee is not refundable.

About Visa Pick-Up

The date of the visa pick-up is printed on the receipt that is issued upon visa application. You can pick up an issued visa on the day printed on the receipt or any day after. To receive a visa there is no need to get an electronic queue ticket: visa pick-up is done at Window 3 (Cashier) by submitting the receipt (on a first-come first-served basis).

Please note that the number of passports with issued visas that can be collected is equal to the number printed on the receipt. We ask you to check the relevant information beforehand.