Migration card

According to the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation № 413 of 16 August 2014 "On a migration card" when entering the Russian Federation a foreign citizen must submit a filled out migration card to a border control officer, who after checking the information in the migration card against the data in the passenger's visa and passport puts a border crossing stamp in the card.

Migration card forms are provided free of charge to foreign citizens on arrival to the Russian Federation by border control officers or the representatives of the companies rendering transportation services to foreign citizens visiting Russia.

Migration cards are filled in and signed by the passenger. Corrections and word additions are restricted.

A migration card must be filled in accurately in block letters in English or Russian languages. Using pencil is not permitted.

To choose gender and purpose of visit the sign "X" should be used.

The name and address of a host organization must be provided. If you travel to Russia with the purpose of tourism, you should fill in the name, address, and reference number of the host tourist company. If traveling with some other purpose you should fill in the name and address of the host organization. When transiting through the Russian territory you should indicate the route and the destination country. We recommend to carry the copies of these documents with you at all times.

Please pay attention to the following:

  • a migration card must contain a foreigner's passport information, purpose of visit, registration stamp;
  • migration card is delivered together with a passport and other travel documents (an airplain/train ticket, a tourist company document etc.) to the border control officer;
  • migration card has a serial number and consists of two parts ("A" and "B");
  • part "A" (Въезд/Arrival) is stamped only when entering Russia;
  • part "B" (Выезд/Departure) is stamped only when leaving Russia;
  • part "B" must be kept in a foreigner's passport up to the moment of passing through passport control when leaving Russia;

A foreigner must keep the migration card during the whole period of stay in Russia and submit it together with other documents for registration at the place of residence.

According to the current legislation of Russia, foreigners that have entered Russia must register with an administrative unit of the Russian MIA within 7 working days. If a foreigner stays in a hotel or any other organization providing hotel services, he/she must register within 1 working day.

Registration stamps are made at the opposite side of migration card.

In case of damaging or losing a migration card a foreigner has to report the loss to the administrative unit of the Russian MIA at the place of residence within 3 days. On submitting the documents on which the foreigner have entered the Russian Federation, one can get a duplicate of the migration card.

When leaving the Russian Federation a foreign citizen must return the migration card to the border control officer at Russian border crossing point.

A sample of the migration card can be found here.

You may find a more detailed information about the migration card under the following link.