Work visa

Work visas are issued to the citizens of Japan, other states or non-stateless persons for the entry to the Russian Federation with a purpose of conducting labor activity on submitting an invitation issued by the General Administration for Migration Issues of the Russian MIA (before - FMS Russia).

A work visa can be single or double with the validity period of 90 days or multiple with the validity period of 1-3 years.

According to the Article 3 of the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of Japan of 28 January 2012 on the simplification of visa issue procedures, Russian Embassy in Japan can issue for the below mentioned categories of Japanese citizens aiming to enter Russia single visas with the validity period up to 3 months. Then relevant Russian authorities can issue for such citizens multiple visas with the validity period up to 3 years that allow continuous stay in Russia during the whole visa validity period.

These are the following categories:

а) staff of the representative offices or subsidiaries of foreign legal entities or organizations, conducting their activity in the host country;

b) staff of the representative offices of foreign Mass Media, conducting their activity in the host country;

с) spouses and children under 21years old of the citizens specified in items "a" and "b".


In order to apply for Russian visa at the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy, since June 3, 2019 we are kindly asking you to make a prior appointment on the web site. Documents for visa won’t be accepted without prior appointment. Thank you for your kind cooperation.


Necessary documents for a work visa are as follows:

  • The original of the invitation of the General Administration for Migration Issues of the Russian MIA (before - FMS Russia) or the decision of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on issuing a visa for entry to the Russian Federation;
  • The original of a foreign passport of a foreign citizen or a stateless person with at least two empty visa pages and valid for a minimum of 1,5 years starting on the visa effective date (the exception is a visa for highly qualified specialist - the passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after the day of visa expiry);
  • Electronic Visa Application Form, filled out in Russian or English, and printed directly from the following website of the Consular Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry: order to apply for a visa at Consular Section of Russian Embassy, at the final step of filling out your application form please select the location of submission of your application [EMBASSY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION IN JAPAN].  If you choose another location for a visa application, your documents won’t be accepted by the Embassy);
  • One passport size (3.5 x 4.5cm) clear photo in colour taken full-face directly facing the camera and against a plain white or light-coloured background. Only non-tinted prescription glasses and head covering worn daily for a religious purpose or as a part of national costume (in this case the same head covering must be worn in the passport photo) are allowed;
  • When applying for a visa with the validity period exceeding 90 days you also need to present a negative HIV-test result (a blood test). This medical certificate must be issued within 90 days prior to the day of application.

Attention! The Consular section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan may request additional visa documents, invite you for an interview or extend the time of visa issue procedure.

If you are not a Japanese citizen please also check the additional information on visa application for third country citizens under the following link.

Visa fees should be paid on the day of the application(Japanese yen only).The visa processing fee is not refundable.



There is a change in a form of payment of consular fees since July 1, 2019. Only bank transfers or credit card payment (“Visa” or “Mastercard”) are accepted. Payment by cash is not accepted. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

The fee for processing visa application for citizens of Japan *
Visa type Not longer than 3
working days**
working days
working days
at least 11
working days
10,000 yen 4,000 yen FREE
Other*** 4,000 yen FREE

* Only Japanese nationals are eligible for free visas. Citizens of other countries may be charged an extra consular fee on the basis of reciprocity.

** If a weekend or a Russian national holiday falls during the processing period, then the processing period is further extended to include the duration of the weekend/holiday.

*** Multiple visa on a direct invitation from Russian company/individual may be issued to those foreign nationals who had previously visited Russia within the one year period before the application. The multiple entry visa issuing process takes 10 to 20 working days.